Why We Differ

Our primary offering is Journeys. Deep, immersive, significant, authentic, thoughtful explorations … to near-secret places. A Journey can be a spiritual pilgrimage or perhaps a 60 year old astronomy major who never went into the field, but still burns with interest. In a world of fluffy travel offerings, think of us like the Jeopardy® of travel!

Have your past vacations been forgettable? They work hard to convince you to visit to overvisited/overcrowded post card places.  Antarctica!  Cruise ships! Yellowstone! India! Disney! Venice! Niagara Falls! Machu Picchu! We call it “Cliche Travel” (TM). It can seem fairly empty and hollow. Like factory travel. The truth is, there are thousands of Tour Companies but only one Mountain Man Journeys…

A museum collects and displays artefacts; we take you to actual sites of significance. Many of our 400+ near secret places are bucket-list worthy. Sites of archeologic, scientific, cultural, mystery and historic importance. Our itinerary is not the standard tourist traps with millions of visitors and cameras. No low wage and bored tour guides with a canned pitch, pictures to post on Facebook and then dashing to the next stop.

Once you become a SoJourner – someone who has been on several Mountain Man Journeys, you start to realize our mantra that once you have been on a Mountain Man Journey, you never really come all the way home.

We are fellow SoJourners. Note that your:
  • Guide presents an overview/background/context, perhaps using storytelling or dramatic interpretation. S/he is truly a guide and coach. Giving you context. Challenging you to go back in time. They are NOT just there to give a pitch, answer a few questions and take pictures of you with trees!
  • Journey may blend exploration, classroom, historian, detective, field work, even a little bit of escape room! You are encouraged to be a highly active participant, placing yourselves in that time, imagining what it was like, the harshness, the beauty, the life of 10,000 year old people for example.

Our Purpose and our Green Policy  is to help you ReDiscover Your Wild Side. The more of our Journeys you join in, the more you see the world in the ancient, significant, communal and spiritual context going back to the Paleo-Indians who first journeyed across the New World.

An outdoors museum of significant historic, significant, or interesting sites where you are always on location. How any vacations have you taken that changed nothing in your life and didn’t move or change you? Why “Mountain Man”? They opened up the frontier. They roamed in beautiful and pristine country.  They lived off the land. They generally were on good terms with the Native Americans. They were self-sufficient. They had already ReDiscovered their Wild Side!!