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The travel industry is crowded with operators who are me-too lookalikes bringing repetitive and shallow fare to their often bored and unimpressed clients. Trying to offer the next great death-defying adventure (bungee from Mt Everest!) or trying to make the Eiffel Tower or Niagara Falls or the Great Wall sound like a unique experience, while surrounded by hundreds of other camera-toting tourists looking for something Instagram worthy. Their “experiences” are soon forgotten and blandly forgettable. Their brochures and websites are chock full of exciting adjectives and verbs trying to make the mundane seem impressive.

Our Deep Science, Deep Mysteries, Deep Culture, Deep History and other Journeys delve into the soul and heart of the northeast.  It immerses your clients into deeply significant, stunning and unique locations that are little known to our travel competitors. It is not necessary to hang off the observation tower of the Empire State building or have a Himalayan Salt mud bath. There are unique and moving locations all around us.  We have over 300 little known sites – a living museum on location – where pivotal historical/cultural events and soul moving vistas with origins 15,000 to over 300 million years old are there around us – in the Northeast USA.
Did you know that the last survivor of 2 American bird species died in the same cage in Ohio? That is one place where we will be. Many of our Journeys can be combined with a Photography Experience or made into a Luxury Journey.  Boring fluff or soul-moving significance?  Which will they remember 5 years from now. There are thousands of travel companies, but only one Mountain Man Journeys.

Our main focus is private journeys/ecotours for small to large groups. We offer generous commissions up to 25% to travel agents who work with us. To start a conversation, contact us.

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We offer over 300 amazing and proprietary locations throughout the Northeast. They are organized under several categories (science, history, culture and mysteries). See specific Journey themes; they are customizable to size of group, number of days, and particular interests. No one in the world does what we do!!!

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We can create a customized Journey for your client from our Themes/Topics, including amenities, food, accommodations, destinations, vehicles, length, Luxury/Photo Journey upgrades and other aspects to build memorable and significant trip. Click below to start the Application and create a Journey and Pricing.

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Have questions about a Journey or something else? Check out our Frequently Asked Questions.  A Specialist is ready to help. Give us a call at 8570-520-093 or email us at [email protected]


Our travel agent partners earn a 10% commission on the net base price of our ecotours—an average of $900-$1000 on a two-person reservation.* See our FAQ page for more details.