Students & Alumni Journeys

Any of our Journeys can be designed for Student and Alumni groups. You can discuss with us particular subjects or topics we should focus on, from our offerings and destinations such as: Deep Science, Deep Culture, Deep History, Deep Mysteries, Photography, Native American, Ice Age, and other Journeys. Experience from over 350+ near secret sites surrounded by the wilds of Nature. Whether Ice Age or Native American sites, places where important events occurred, the last nesting sites of the Passenger Pigeons, Old Growth Forests, amazing Rock Cities, Ghost Towns or on the trail of the young Daniel Boone or George Washington.

Our focus is NOT just Escape or Adventure. But to deeper, significant levels. The spiritual, communal nature of our ancestors has been lost, drowned in modernity. We take our clients on-site, with dramatic interpretation and storytelling. Our predominant theme is to ReDiscover Your Wild Side. It is not a “Tour”; our Clients are usually challenged to put themselves into the ancient or historic context at various destinations

Arches and Astronomy Traditional Native American Ghost Town

A Specialist will work with your group to customize amenities, meals, lodging, trip length, options/add-ons, level of service, dates, special needs of travelers (disability, service/support animals, etc.) and other aspects into a meaningful experience. Then an itinerary and price is determined; a cleared deposit holds your place on our available schedule. One or more Expert Guides will be assigned to your Journey, based on your Group size. These Journeys are usually booked weeks to months in advance of your departure date. There are 1,000s of travel companies, but only one Mountain Man Journeys! Reserve Your Private Group Journey to get started!