For your major donors, top sales people, major clients or others, the purpose of our Journeys is a truly deep and meaningful and perhaps solemn experience. Most of our Journeys are perfect for incentive travel. We have over 300 proprietary cultural, mysterious, historical and scientific locations throughout the MidAtlantic region.

Our focus is NOT just Escape or Adventure. But deeper, significant levels. There are 1,000s of travel companies, but only one Mountain Man Journeys. Our predominant theme is to ReDiscover Your Wild Side. The spiritual, communal nature of our ancestors has been lost, drowned in modernity. We take our clients on-site, with dramatic and storytelling. It is not a tour, but they are challenged to put themselves into the ancient or historic context.

We can tailor offerings such as food, locations, lodging, length of trip, and mode of transportation. Pricing will reflect your selections. We can discuss your particular needs in light of these special interest categories (Each has a number of defined Journeys):
Deep Culture Journeys
Deep History Journeys
Deep Mystery Journeys
Deep Science Journeys
Flights into Extinction
Native American Journeys

Any of these Journeys can be upgraded to:
Pricing will reflect your particular selections