Photo Journeys

This is an add-on to our Private Group Journeys. Select a Journey Theme at bottom (such as Deep Culture).

A Photo Journey is led by our own/outside experts.  Capture photos with anything from your smartphone to your exotic camera setup! Classes and critique will be available on the Journey. Onsite practice & suggestions. From winter waterfalls to the bones of long-gone mountains once rivaling the Himalayas. We can arrange to have your Group offer their best works in slideshow format for a group critique! Explore different kinds of photography: Astrophotography, Drone Photography, Infrared, Ultraviolet, Wildlife, Nature, etc.  We also offer Immersive Film Experiences with Pocahontas Films and Actress Gemma “Pocahontas”

                Southwestern Petroglyphs                Forest Shadows

A Specialist will work with your group to customize the photo planning/equipment, amenities, meals, lodging, trip length, options/add-ons,  level of service, dates, special needs of travelers and other aspects into a meaningful experience. Then an itinerary and price is determined; a cleared deposit holds your place on our available schedule. One or more Expert Guides will be assigned to your Journey, based on your Group size. These Journeys are usually booked weeks to months in advance of your departure date.

Our Journeys are much deeper than a Tour. Infused with purpose, natural beauty, self discovery, and deep significance. In the following settings, we return to our roots, our ancestral and ancient past, continental beauty…

Ancient Hills          Traditional Native American         great falls

Your Photo Journey will include stops from among our 300+ near secret places — with deep, amazing and stunning histories. Immerse yourself! Archeologic and geologic sites from the dawn of humanity and the building of our continent. Native American communal sites. Ice Age features from long ago. Pristine Glacial lakes and bogs. Stunning Old Growth Forests. Summer/Autumn/ Winter/Spring Waterfalls. Champion Trees in their state. Areas of scientific intrigue. The First Civil War (NOT from Lincoln’s tenure !!). The First World War (Not WWI !!). The site of the first wire suspension bridge in the world. The sad life of the writer of a famous Christmas song. On the trail of Washington, Lincoln and Daniel Boone. Great discoveries and celebrities. Ghost towns. The final hunting places of now extinct Passenger Pigeon. Following the trail of the Walking Purchase or John Wilkes Booth escape. Firsts… Lasts… Oldest…

Arches and Astronomy                                  Ghost Town

Many “Photo Tour” companies offer little more than the pretty pictures on their booking page. Overcrowded tourist traps that get millions of visitors. Pretty sites with little significance. A vacation that is soon forgotten, with a camera full of Instagram fodder. We call this “cliche” travel.

Our Journey Themes:

In addition to Photography, any Journeys can be upgraded to:
  • Luxury Journey
  • Live The Dream: Acting Experiences at 500+ Amazing Film Shoot Sites, with Industry Pros!