Native American Journeys

Bring your group on a personal journey to Native American sites throughout the Mid-Atlantic States and beyond. We are Mountain Man Journeys: Immersive, Significant Authentic and Thoughtful Explorations … to hundreds of near-secret places.

Over 16,000 years ago, prehistoric Asians came into the New World, as the last Ice Age neared its end. Trapped for thousands of years in Beringia. As the glaciers melted away, they exploded across North and South America becoming the ancestors of most Native Americans today. … immerse yourself into their ancient, interesting and historic contexts.

Southwestern Petroglyphs Traditional Native American Pow Wow

Our Native American Journeys include a number of “proprietary” sites going back 16,000 years. From the earliest Paleo Indians who migrated into our area, down through the Archaic into the Woodlands Period. Petroglyphs, Rock shelters, Burial and other Mounds, stone structures, ancient pathways, villages, archeology and other sites of great significance. We can Journey to the sites of Pocahontas and her powerful father. To the sites of the first Thanksgiving. The Walking Purchase. The end of the great Old Growth Forests, Elms, Chestnuts and Passenger Pigeons under our relentless pursuit of “progress.”

The spiritual, communal nature of our ancestors has diminished across the ages under the sterile advances of modern life. Come on several of our Journeys to see the world in a more ancient context, of which you are a unique part. You may never come all the way home! Thus our mantra to ReDiscover Your Wild Side.

Sample cultural Journeys follow for one to many days. A Specialist will work with your group to customize amenities, meals, lodging, trip length, options/add-ons, level of service, dates, special needs of travelers and other aspects into a meaningful experience. Then an itinerary and price is determined; a cleared deposit holds your place on our available schedule. One or more Expert Guides will be assigned to your Journey, based on your Group size. These Journeys are usually booked weeks to months in advance of your departure date. Reserve Your Private Group Journey to get started!

Archaeologic Journeys

Battlefields, Forts, and Other Significant Places

Colonial History

First of the Mohicans

Flights Into Extinction

Ice Age Journeys

Native American sites

Any of these Journeys can be upgraded to:
  • Photography Journey. Classes and individual instruction are available. 
  • Luxury Journey
  • Live The Dream: Acting Experiences at 300+ Amazing Film Shoot Sites, with Industry Pros!

Pricing will reflect your particular selections