Luxury Journeys

This is an add-on to our Private Group Journeys. Select a Journey Theme at bottom (such as Deep Culture).

A Luxury Journey is led by our own/outside experts. Our Journeys are much deeper than a Tour; infused with purpose natural beauty, self discovery and deep significance. We return to our roots, our ancestral and ancient past, continental and worldly beauty…

We will discuss your particular needs in light of our existing Private Group Journeys. Our predominant theme is to ReDiscover Your Wild Side. That may seem contrary to sitting in a limousine while eating caviar in the middle of the Wilds! But there are many adjustments and insights that can be reserved for those who seek a more exotic experience.

So any of the following Journeys can be made a more in-depth or luxurious experience. A Specialist will work with your group to customize the photo planning/equipment, amenities, meals, lodging, trip length, options/add-ons,  level of service, dates, special needs of travelers and other aspects into a meaningful experience. Then an itinerary and price is determined; a cleared deposit holds your place on our available schedule. One or more Expert Guides will be assigned to your Journey, based on your Group size. These Journeys are usually booked weeks to months in advance of your departure date.

In addition to a Luxury Journey, any Journeys can also be upgraded to:
  • Photography Journey
  • Live The Dream: Acting Experiences at 300+ Amazing Film Shoot Sites, with Industry Pros!

Journey Themes