Frequently Asked Questions

Q. What do you mean by “Cliche Travel(TM)”?2019-01-01T13:40:56-05:00

A. What most competitors seem to provide in the Travel Industry. Crowded buses with underpaid guides to overvisited sites that are quickly forgotten. A Cliche is “A phrase or opinion that is overused and betrays a lack of original thought. A stereotype.”

  • APPEARANCE: Slick websites & brochures. Clever Marketing. Hyped. Overpromised. Lots of Social Media. Etc.
  • REALITY: Devoid of Meaning. Forgettable. Me-Too. Shallow. Crowded. Reckless.
  • MountainManJourneys: DeepSignificantWisdomHiddenAncientRichWild.
Q. What is the pace of a Mountain Man Journey?2022-04-09T08:19:40-04:00

A. For Scheduled/Day Trips, assume it may involve walking to/from your car to a museum and inside, short hikes to a site such as a waterfall, and possibly a half-mile of trail. Some stops/places are not wheelchairs or service animal friendly. The group generally cannot slow down for those with difficulties in walking.
For Private Group Journeys, the pace and activity level of each Mountain Man Journey depends on the itinerary and the specific Journey you have chosen. When booking, we can discuss the itinerary, to get it correct for the members of your group. Let us know special needs or issues. We will help advise you on what is best. You are welcome to contact us – make sure you put your questions into the form!

Q. What does the trip cost generally include?2022-04-09T08:28:15-04:00

A. For Scheduled/Day Trips, the trip should detail this
For Private Group Journeys, The cost of your itinerary depends on your selections: such as meals, distance traveled, number of days, number of clients, service level is chosen, accommodations, transportation, outside experts and local guides, chartered vehicles+drivers, entrance fees, supplies and equipment, rentals, etc. Stops for restaurants, hotels/camps, stores, shopping, entrance fees, etc. often require you to pay your own way, including taxes/tips. You should bring credit/debit cards to cover such potential expenses.

Q. Do I need to purchase trip insurance?2022-04-09T08:28:26-04:00

A. Group Journeys (1/Multi-day) or solo travelers (Multi-day) must purchase a Travel insurance policy that covers everyone at certain minimums. Additional is recommended.

For solo travelers on a 1-day Journey, trip insurance is optional. We strongly recommend that you purchase this insurance to protect your travel investment. You may already have coverage through your work, credit card, or annual travel policy.

Travel insurance can offer financial protection for trip cancellation and interruption, as well as assistance should you encounter travel delays, baggage loss, or require medical treatment while traveling.

Q. Once I book my trip, what information and materials will I receive?2022-03-09T12:55:37-05:00

A.Scheduled/Day Trips: The information provided when you booked and receive from the transaction is what we provide until near departure time. We will provide you when/where to meet.  Particular stops and directions will be provided as we depart.  OUR TOURS ARE UNIQUE AND ARE COPYRIGHTED. STOPS AND INFORMATION PRESENTED DURING THE TOUR ARE NOT TO BE PUBLISHED OR GIVEN TO OTHERS, COPYRIGHT VIOLATIONS CAN BE SUBJECT TO EXTREME FINES AND JAIL

Private Group Journeys – After you arrange and finalize plans for your Mountain Man Journey, you can receive an itinerary detailing relevant information to help you prepare for your trip. Any additional materials that may be available will depend on the Journey you have booked. Additional information can be found in our links above: Journeys and EcoTours, About Us, Reservations, Blog & Social Media, this Frequently Asked Questions page, and at the bottom of any page.

Mountain Man Journeys is focused on customized Journeys, where we work with your Party to create a custom itinerary based on a theme, your selections, length, and destinations for the Journey. As such, we do not have “brochures” or other pre-printed documents. This website and discussions with us will help design a great Journey for your Group.

EMail: We can send EMail to adults included in the booking (if an Email address was provided). Make sure that Mountain Man Journeys.com is whitelisted (not marked as spam) by your Email provider. We may send information about your itinerary; suggestions about what to bring; and other relevant information to help you prepare for your Journey.

Q. How many Guests will be on the Journey? How many Guides?2024-03-31T13:08:32-04:00

A. For Private Group Journeys, group size depends on the length, nature and complexity of a Journey. There may be a maximum size limit. We assign sufficient Guides/Local Experts – which is reflected in your billing.
A. For Scheduled Trips, we assign enough Guides to cover registered Guests. Ticket sales may close once we reach a maximum. This is covered on MountainManJourneys.com

Q. How much flexibility is there in the itinerary?2022-04-09T08:35:10-04:00

A. Scheduled Journeys (where you buy a ticket) have little free time – we are trying to fit in perhaps 5 stops, spaced apart, in a day. We plan from when we break to when the Guides get to the NEXT stop plus 10-15 minutes. Those who get lost, stop for unscheduled breaks/shopping/meals (it happens – go figure!) will find out we NEVER hold up the group for them. They will likely miss one or more stops. We cannot have a lengthy phone call / text session to explain how to get to where we are at this moment. “You made your bed so go lie in it!” We rarely have a fixed length of a Tour Day, we tell you “Leave when you Want”. How long we spend at a stop, questions, how fast/slow each party is, road onstruction, weather, etc all impact how long it takes. But note, we are the final authority on when it is time to wrap up each stop or the day itself. For Private Group Journeys, it depends on the arrangements you make with us.

Q. What does the Journey include/cost?2022-04-09T08:38:25-04:00

Mountain Man Journeys is an ecotour supplier. For a Scheduled trip (where you buy a Ticket) although we may list Ways to Get Here or other pre/post-Journey activities on our website/literature, we are not a travel agency. You should read your order confirmation and this website and any communications you receive for an understanding. We have no responsibility or involvement and cannot provide personal advice on any transportation, meals, accommodations or other activities before or after your Journey. Generally the Journey includes your Guides, the stops and our guidance. We dont feed or board you, we dont provide medical coverage, etc. We include and exclude pretty much like every other half or full day trip tour providers in America (excepting transportation). Depending on (when available) whether you travel in one of our vehicles or selected (when available) the Bring Your Own Vehicle option, your Journey includes selections made by those who arranged your booking. This may/may not include entrance to parks/museums, transportation between destinations, accommodations; services of the Journey guide and any included local experts; and pre-trip materials. We will go over your itinerary briefly. Make sure you bring adequate means to pay for services and amenities not elected in your Journey booking/itinerary. For Private Groups, the cost of your Journey depends on the selections and amenities, length, nature, and the particular Journey made.

Q. Are there taxes on your Journeys & EcoTours?2022-04-09T08:29:11-04:00

A.  American taxes: There may be state/local taxes on the Journey/EcoTour itself. There can be taxes on restaurants/food service, entrance fees, hotel/camp stays and other 3rd party services during a Journey/EcoTour.

International Taxes: This Site and company promotes itself to the American market and is intended for use by residents of the USA, over 18 years of age. Obviously, we welcome visitors.  As a small company, we are not experts in tax regulations of the 195 different countries and do not actively control how potential clients come to our services via printed or online means, such as TripAdvisor. By using this Site, you warrant that you understand English, You waive tax requirements/ expectations/ punitive measures of foreign local, provincial, national or other levels.  You agree that all tax issues will be determined under American law and jurisdiction.  It is possible your Booking agent will handle foreign tax matters; we are a Tour Supplier and not a travel agency.

Q. What do I need to bring on my Journey?2022-04-09T08:21:30-04:00
Q. Can I customize the stops, activities, length or other aspects of your itineraries?2019-01-01T14:02:05-05:00

A. You can alter your Group/Private Journey based on your interests, availability and budget. See Custom Journeys.

Q. Is transportation, lodging or food included in the price?2024-03-31T13:24:46-04:00

A. We are Expert Tour Guides. A small, local business; not a giant faceless Cruise Ship/factory travel company. Many of our services involve/support indigenous peoples. We receive a fixed daily rate for our services during the expedition, which is the price you see from us (including any discounts).

Due to the unique/remote/varying nature of our expeditions, we do not currently offer “packages”. (We are the last “Grand Adventure” on Earth, we have no competition in our space.) This allows us to offer the best, most flexible pricing to you

You will receive from us a “tour itinerary” (aka “unbundled/a la carte” travel document) with specific instructions. You will separately arrange transportation/lodging elements related to your expedition. This should be done fairly soon, to assure your reservations. You may wish the services of an online travel agent to assist. (During the expedition, you will also be responsible for cost of your meals/food).

>> Niche, Exotic, Polar or similar “extreme” tour companies are VERY expensive. You could spend $2-$3,000 daily. Yet they STILL are giant companies offering mass tourism (“cattle cars”) taking LOTS of people to “hard to reach” places. We call them “cliche” travel. No mystery. No challenge. Faceless, giant companies running factory tours. Elbow past a dozen people to point your camera at an iceberg without having to challenge yourself. Sort of like doing a Disney Vacation in Antarctica. Expensive but forgettable crowded cruise ships pretending to be a unique Adventure. <<

Q. Can you handle special dietary allowances, such as religious, allergy or vegetarian preferences?2024-03-31T13:11:59-04:00

A. We almost never serve prepared food, so no we cannot.

Q. Have you been to all your destinations?2022-03-09T13:17:15-05:00

A. All of our 500+ proprietary on-site locations have been visited and researched by us. We do not include anything we think is not significant and interesting to potential clients. Seasonals, weather, traffic, closures, construction, illness and other events may cause us to alter the itinerary. If you have other destinations that interest you, these can be negotiated into your itinerary.

Q. Do you provide Journeys that appeal to children or families?2022-04-09T13:38:47-04:00

A. Some of our Journeys are appropriate and interesting to all. But DO NOT bring infants/small children who tend to cry a lot/are hard to control. Anyone/Any Party who distracts the others will IMMEDIATELY be remove from the tour. We need to protect the REST of the tour group (always) against those who are distractions. Please also see Multi-Generation and Family Journeys. For Private Group Journeys, particulars can be discussed and customized when setting up your itinerary.

Q. What about people with disabilities/health issues?2024-03-31T13:14:36-04:00

A. There may be places not appropriate for those who cannot walk normally without assistance. There is often walking, hiking or places inappropriate for wheelchairs or service animals.
For Private Group Expeditions, If you inform us in advance of people with disabilities, we can try and customize a Expedition with this in mind. Some Expeditions have strenuous, rocky or uphill walks. Those with vision/health issues, very young children or advanced age may struggle. No one with a communicable disease or inebriated should drive others in their own cars. Please purchase Travel Insurance against such possibilities.

Q. What about animals?2024-03-31T13:16:01-04:00

A. Pets/emotional support animals are not permitted; if you bring them, you cannot go and will not receive a refund. Fake service animals are not permitted and are illegal here. Animals that chase or menace wildlife or people or are not under complete control will cause you to be immediately be removed from the Expedition, without refund or recourse. Arrange for someone to caretake your pets/ESAs. Long travel can be difficult for animals. In many locations we go, animals are not permitted. Those who show up unannounced with animals may not be allowed on the Expedition.

Q. Is going on a Journey safe?2024-03-31T13:09:49-04:00

A. Travel always involves some risk. We are trained in the kind of risks we expect to encounter. We also will provide some instruction at the start of most Journeys. All participants MUST be fully insured medically. Travel outside the USA will require you/members of your group to purchase appropriate travel insurance.

Q. Tell me about your Guest Loyalty Program2019-01-01T14:09:23-05:00

A. Frequent SoJourners (those who Journey) can earn points good for future Journeys from either traveling with us or referrals who book with us. See our Guest Loyalty Program.

Q. What does it mean to “ReDiscover Your Wild Side”?2019-01-22T21:24:55-05:00

A. This is both our “Green” policy and our total purpose. Modern humanity is far removed from the many benefits and purpose of our original Hunter/Gatherer roots. This includes spiritual, communal oneness with the wilds around us. This disconnection from the wild has led to most of the stress, low energy, health problems, loneliness and lack of purpose evident in our society today. See Rediscover Your Wild Side .

Q. Do I need a passport or visa?2022-04-09T08:22:28-04:00

A. Mountain Man Journeys currently only travels within the continental United States. Foreign visitors should always have their passport/visa with them. We recommend you also make a copy of your passport in case lost. We do not make any arrangements regarding your passport or visa.

Q. How do I get to/from my Journey?2022-04-09T08:22:45-04:00

A. You are required to provide your own transportation to/from your Journey. Some Transportation providers, directions, where to report and map are here . For group/private Journeys, we may be able to arrange transport for you from a nearby hotel or bus stop.

Q. Can you provide reminders about when we should report to the start of my Journey?2022-04-09T08:23:08-04:00

A. Of course. We require your contact information before your Journey – we can discuss setting up reminders.

Q. What should we wear and bring?2022-04-09T08:23:30-04:00

A. For advice about preparation & what to bring, see What to Bring.

How many people can you accommodate on a Private Group Journey?2024-03-31T13:20:54-04:00

Maximum number of people is somewhat flexible. We ususally try to limit it to no more than 30. We may require fewer people, depending on the nature of the expedition.

Q. How far in advance should I book?2022-04-09T08:24:37-04:00

A. The earlier the better. We book on a first come – first served basis. If you have dates in mind, you should arrange and provided the required deposit for your Journey to ensure the dates you want to travel. Most clients book months to a year in advance.

Q. Do you book flights, car rentals, transfers, etc.?2022-04-09T08:25:13-04:00

A. No. We are a Journey/EcoTour supplier. We suggest you book these using a travel agency, for example, Expedia or Orbitz.

Q. What is your service area?2019-01-22T21:15:14-05:00

A. Mountain Man Journeys is a multi-state, web-based Journey provider. We operate out of Jim Thorpe, PA. Our current focus area is from Ohio east to New England, and down to Virginia. We are able to travel further, upon appropriate request. While most travel companies fixate on over visited tourist traps, national parks, European cities or other things you see on a thousand post cards – trying to outdo each other in “cliche” travel – we focus on the rich, the little known and the ancient beauty of the east. There is just as much to appreciate here as in Yellowstone or Alaska. Again, we are about Journeys that can change your life and outlook, not just Instagram and Facebook pictures and posts that quickly disappear with time.

Q. Who are you?2019-01-01T14:17:25-05:00

A. Review About Us.

Q. Tell me about your Guides?2022-04-09T08:34:19-04:00

Journeys are led by someone experienced with the theme of a Journey, and familiar with the stops. At times, this might be a guest speaker or local expert.

Q. Is my Journey protected financially?2019-01-22T21:10:01-05:00

A. Other than any requirement to carry Travel Insurance above, Mountain Man Journeys carries liability insurance. We can discuss our refund policy and payment requirements during our discussion. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

Q. Can You Advise us on health related issues or vaccinations?2022-04-09T08:23:54-04:00

A. We recommend that you seek a qualified opinion from your doctor, according to the activities you would be performing.

Q. Do you accept credit cards? Bitcoins? ETC?2024-03-31T13:26:10-04:00

A. Available payment methods will be presented when you purchase Tickets or will be discussed when you arrange a Private Group Journey. See Payment Methods.

Q. Do you do “Corporate” Travel?2019-01-22T21:08:18-05:00
A. Most of our Journeys are appropriate for your business. Contact us to customize a Journey for you. Also, see our Incentive Journeys.
  • We are not a travel agency and do not handle pre/post trip transportation, but you can see Ways to Get Here.
  • For a unique lodging experience, see our JimThorpeVacationRentals.com for very historic buildings that make for a special stay in Jim Thorpe. Including the most significant 2 vacation rental homes in America! Or stay in our Vacation Rentals, that used to be the former area bowling alley!
  • We also offer a basic Concierge service – contact us for more information.
Q. What if I have other questions?2019-01-01T14:22:46-05:00

A. You can:

  • See buttons above: About Us, Journeys & EcoTours, Blog & Social Media, Reservations or the links at the bottom of this page
  • Or send us an inquiry
Do you offer shuttles or transportation between stops?2022-04-09T08:32:27-04:00

We are a small, local business. Prior to COVID, we made available – on some Journeys – the ability to come with us in an 8-passenger Tour Vehicle at an extra charge, (with certain limitations in place). But the world has changed, we cannot socially distance in a vehicle and some people refuse to be vaccinated – wear masks – etc, putting everyone else at risk. Think of all the problems the Cruise Ship industry is going through. It is very hard and very expensive (and almost impossible) for a small business to protect itself against COVID liability. So for the foreseeable future, everyone needs to bring and drive their own cars. And as we said, the tour EXCLUDES times you are driving for your group/Party; we cannot insure against your driving behaviour and experience.